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                         ****  IMPORTANT NOTICE  ****

Update: ACDJFS has received confirmation that the continuing resolution signed by our President on January 25th provides full funding for SNAP through March 2019.


Information obtained from the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services – Office of Family Assistance, states that current recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) with eligibility that extends beyond January 31, 2019 will be issued benefits for the month of February.  February benefits will be loaded to the EBT card on or before January 20th.

Participants with eligibility expiring on January 31, 2019 will need to complete a redetermination interview and provide needed verification to Ashland County Department of Job & Family Services by January 23rd for benefits to be approved for February 2019.  No assurance of benefit issuance can be made for applicants not meeting this date.

Ashland County Department of Job & Family Services will continue to process new applications for SNAP.  Benefits will be issued to eligible families as the USDA Food Nutrition Services budget allows.

SNAP participants are encouraged to budget their benefits carefully.  The duration of the Federal shutdown as well as the impact of the shutdown on SNAP funding are uncertain.  Ashland County Department of Job & Family Services will post any new information that becomes available to this website.



Director’s Vision for ACDJFS

Since beginning in May of 2018 as Director of the agency, my goal has been to evaluate our operations, from past to present, to gain insight into what’s working well and what isn’t.  From that, I, along with the hard work of our dedicated administrative staff, worked through a number of small to large changes designed with a focus on how we can improve delivery of our services to our community.  While, in reality, this process is always a continuous one, as it should be for any organization, I am encouraged to say that we are moving in the right direction.  We, as an agency, see the change here and I hope you do, too. 

But any success we experience isn’t just a product of improved systems.  Our greatest asset is our people.  A great focus of mine has been to support and encourage them to give their best work to you.    We recognize that the care and attention we would expect should be given to each and every person we are involved with.  Please know we balance this goal every day with the large volume of work we have in meeting the great needs of our community.  In that vein, we strive to improve everyday with each case and each interaction with you.  We encourage you to kindly let us know how we are doing—how we did well and how we can do better.

Thank you.


Welcome to the Ashland County Department of Job and Family Services (ACDJFS) website. We hope your visit with us is informative and helpful for your needs.  As you may know, ACDJFS is a combined agency which houses all four Job and Family Services agencies in one building to accommodate those individuals and families that may need assistance with more than one service.  The agencies include the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA); Ohio Means Jobs Ashland (Workforce Development); Public Assistance (Family Stability & Income Support) and Social Services (Adult & Child Protective Services). 

During the past year, ACDJFS has completed a new Prevention, Retention and Contingency Plan (PRC) which enables ACDJFS to provide funds for services to community members with emergent needs.  We have distributed three (3) Request for Proposals (RFP) documents for contracts dealing with Children Services (Family Strength and Stability) as well as Food Assistance Employment and Training (FAET) and Employment Training and Work Skills Development Training.  The Family Strength and Stability contract was awarded to Parenting Plus while the FAET and the Work Skills contracts were awarded to Transformation Network here in Ashland.

Our Family Stability unit continues to offer a wide range of services to our customers who need assistance.  This unit establishes eligibility for a host of programs which include, but are not limited to supplemental food assistance; cash assistance; Medicaid programs for families, pregnant women and children; Long-term Care and distribution of funds through the Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program (PRC).  Family Stability also continues to work with two state computer systems as the new Ohio Benefits system is not fully operational.  Unfortunately, this increases the time it takes for our staff to provide the services to our customers that they have come accustomed to.  Be assured that our staff are doing everything they can to provide our customers with the most efficient services possible under the circumstances.  In 2018 we expect that the remaining services provided by this unit will also be part of Ohio Benefits eligibility system.  They look forward to the continued support they provide to the residents of Ashland County.

Our Workforce team continues to assist our customers with resume building, job search and employment training skills.  ACDJFS is also interested in finding those youth and young adults ages 14 to 24 who may be in school and seeking assistance in job preparation, may be low income or may be having other barriers in their educational program and need assistance.  We are also seeking those individuals who may be out of school, perhaps have dropped out, may be homeless and have other barriers as well that have kept them from entering the job market.  For these youth, a Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP) may just be the answer. 

Child Support Enforcement (CSEA) continues to assist our customers in providing a wide-range of family support services to either parent as well as grandparents and caretakers.  CSEA assists with the establishment of paternity, child support as well as assisting a non-working parent with the assistance of our Workforce unit to obtain job training and/or employment.  

Finally, our social services or children services unit has been extremely busy over the past several months with the heroin and drug abuse epidemic.  Over the last four quarters, 49 youth have come into care with 34 of those youth in care due to parental drug or alcohol abuse.  The good news is that since partnering with Fostering Family Ministries, we now have 19 licensed foster/adoptive homes with additional homes going through the licensing process.  This, along with the excellent work of the social service casework staff placing youth with relatives, our placement costs have remained lower even though our custody numbers have risen.  Thank you to all the relatives and foster parents that have been able to care for these youth and provide them with a loving, caring and safe environment.  Special thanks to Fostering Family Ministries for your cooperation, interest and the day to day mentoring and support to the foster and adoptive parents of Ashland County.