Available for Adoption

If interested in providing a forever home for any of these young people in need of a caring family please contact the Ashland County Department of Job and Family Services at 419-282-5000.

Age: 9

Nathaniel, “Nate” is a very friendly and intelligent child. Nate likes to spend his time playing video games and being outside! Nate loves animals, especially dogs, and hopes that his future forever home comes with a dog who loves to play!  Nate is quiet until he feels comfortable with people and then he really lets his great personality shine! Nate is always up for a game of kickball with friends or fun race car battle in a video game! Nate would love to be adopted and find his forever family soon!

Age: 17

Zachary is a teenage boy with a love of sports and the out of doors. He is a kind person with a good sense of humor. Zachary makes friends easily and enjoys companionship. Could you be the forever family that he is looking for?  He answers to Zachary or “Zach”. Zachary is a teenager and is beginning to discover his own personality. Zachary enjoys being outside and being active. He has participated in team sports, such as basketball, soccer and track. He also enjoys golf, but has never played competitively.  Zachary would prefer being outside and being physical over sitting in front of a television playing video games or watching TV. Zachary likes to be hands on and loves learning new arts and crafts. Zachary will sit with a book or with another person in order to learn things, such as origami or bracelet making. Zachary enjoys joke books and sharing jokes or new facts with other people.

Age: 17

Autumn is an energetic and expressive teenager.  She enjoys interacting and spending time with others.  Autumn has a strong passion for animals, specifically horses, and hopes to work with animals as an adult.  Autumn's favorite hobby is horseback riding.  Autumn has been known to do well with animals and thoroughly enjoys caring for them.  Autumn would benefit from a strong support system.  It is believed she would do best in a family that is encouraging, understanding, and consistent.

Age: 16

Thomas is an intelligent teenager who takes pride in his school work.  He enjoys playing games on electronic devices, especially his computer.  Thomas has expressed his interest with animals and is eager to own a dog someday.  Thomas likes to be independent and spending time in the library doing school work.  Thomas is currently involved in a college-prep program that will allow him to graduate high school with an associates degree.  He is looking forward to obtaining employment in the future.  Thomas can be considered shy at first, but tends to open up as he feels more comfortable.  Thomas would do well with a family who is supportive of his dedication to academics and goals of continuing his education.

Age: 17

Alexis is an energetic and expressive teenager. She enjoys interacting and spending time with friends and her foster family. Alexis loves music and enjoys choir through her school. Alexis has participated in competitions and talent shows where she sings.  Alexis has a bright and bubbly personality.

Age: 16

Amy is an energetic and expressive teenager.  She enjoys interacting and spending time with others.  Amy is planning to participate in a cosmetology program.  She is involved in sports and has enjoyed cheerleading, gymnastics, and track.  Amy has a bright and cheerful personality.

Age: 9

Caleb is a very intelligent, inquisitive and likes to be in charge.  His interests include playing on his tablet, movies, studying space, dinosaurs, and reading books about science and math.  Caleb attends regular educational classes and intellectually has been placed in the talented and gifted programs at school in the past.  Caleb has a vast desire for knowledge, but is also very grounded and firm with what he believes in.

Age: 7

Justin is a very active little boy who loves to ride his bike, swim and watch cartoons!  Justin also enjoys playing with other children and being around animals.  Justin is a thoughtful child with a wonderful smile.  He is inquisitive and loves nature and being outdoors. 

Age: 14

Malachi is an inquisitive, thoughtful and reserved young man. His interests include video games and other electronic devices.  Malachi attends regular classes and hopes to work within the computer or electronics field as he grows up.  Malachi is also a great helper in the kitchen.  He enjoys cooking and baking and can maneuver his way around the kitchen fairly well.  Malachi also enjoys watching movies, and is most interested in scary films or comedies.  Malachi has a warm personality and is waiting to connect with a family that is encouraging, supportive, and willing to develop strong hobbies and skills to help his success in the future.

Age: 16

Mike is a very friendly and adventurous teenager.  Mike likes to spend his time playing video games and being outside.  Mike is quiet until he feels comfortable with those he is around.  He is fun to be around and likes being outside and active.  Mike enjoys doing farm work and has shown an interest in caring for animals and riding a four wheeler.  Mike also bought himself a canoe to better enhance his fishing skills.