Ready, Set, Learn Program

Ready Set Learn Program

WHAT: This program provides a $250.00 vendor payment for each eligible school age child (K-12) for the purchase of school clothing and supplies only.  Personal items are not permitted.

WHEN: The application period is from June 14, 2021 through the close of business on June 25, 2021.  This program is limited to available funding, and is limited to Ashland County residents. 

WHERE:  Applications must be submitted to ACDJFS at 15 West 4th Street, Ashland.  Applications may be faxed (419-282-5010), mailed, emailed to or placed in the agency drop box. Applications will not be accepted prior to June 14, 2021 or after the close of business on June 25, 2021.

WHAT DO I NEED? A completed application and verification of the entire household income for the last 30 days. To be eligible, at least one member of the AG (Assistance Group) must be employed at least 20 hours per week (not to be averaged) during the prior four weeks. (A six-week period for these four weeks of minimum employment may be considered in certain circumstances). If during the 30 day period, a holiday or employment shutdown has occurred, the affected week(s) may be waived for consideration.  See the Ashland County PRC Plan for eligibility rules. 

  • If the AG contains only one adult member and that person is receiving SSI, SSD or other documented disability payments, the work requirement shall be waived. If the AG contains two adults, one must be meeting the work requirement or both must be receiving documented disability payments.

    Applications will not be approved without timely submission of all required documentation. 

    • No face-to-face interview necessary. 
    • WHEN & WHERE DO I SHOP? Each approved application will be assigned a shopping day (August 4th, 5th, 11th, or 12th) at Ashland Wal-Mart from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.  
    • Approved applicants will receive an approval letter with shopping details including dates, times, and purchase guidelines. 
    • Household income must be at or below the 200% federal poverty level: 
    Family SizeGross Monthly Income Standard

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